I'm having trouble with my bank card. How can I pay via paypal

Not a problem! You can pay via paypal for the course here

Do I have to be from the US to take your masterclass ?

Not at all, this course is for anyone worldwide. Our students have come from US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Italy + more! Our course is tailored to suit everyone, no matter where in the world you invest in!

Is this a recorded video course?

Yes! The entire course is in HD video. Modules will be dropped weekly over the course of 6 weeks. This means you can play and pause each module in your own time, but keep at the weekly pace of the rest of the class. There will also be supplementary PDF summaries each week.

Do I get access to a private Investing Facebook Group Through This Course?

Absolutely! Our members only group provides our members an exclusive community to share ideas and ask questions. It's a safe space, just made boujee

Is this investing course for beginners? What can I expect from this course?

Yes! In fact this course is specifically designed for anyone starting out. We've created a comprehensive masterclass on what you need to know about investing, so that you can learn the tools needed to begin your investing journey. This course assumes nothing about your current investing knowledge and is therefore completely beginner friendly. We all start on the same page! There course also provides a deep dive into investing education and is therefore great for those who have a small idea on how to invest but would like more clarification.

Will I always have access to this course?

100% correct! This course will be available indefinitely.

Girls That Invest gives a LOT of free content on their podcast, and in their book, how will this be different

You're right, we love providing free valuable content. Our course is where we reveal our more advanced content organised in a clear visual roadmap, so you have a step-by-step path with no missing pieces

What if I am unhappy with this course?

We absolutely trust our process to help take you from a new investor to one who is both knowledgeable and confident, so if you for any reason feel dissatisfied, we are happy to provide a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. No 👏 Questions👏 Asked👏 .

When Does The Feb 2023 Cohort Start

Enrolments close 18th Feb 2023 and the first videos drop 26th Feb 2023. We are bursting with excitment to share the most relevant investing education + examples with you!

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