Meet Sim & Sonya

Men worldwide typically hold 50% more wealth than women. We also don’t get a chance to catch up if only 15-25% of women are investing. Globally recognised investing experts, Sim and Sonya have a problem with that.

They're on a mission to make the world of investing less intimidating for women. Their podcast, Girls That Invest quickly became the world’s #1 investing podcast for women who wanted to learn about investing - without the jargon. Their 180,000 strong Instagram following demonstrates the need for more investing education tailored to help tackle the wealth gap women are facing. 

Our mission is simple,

We are two women of colour who want to make investing seem less daunting to women & minorities around the world. We don’t tell women what to invest in, we just simplify what the stock market even is, how to tell the difference between and ETF and a Index Fund and overall show that investing should be and can be for women and marginalised groups.

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